a new publisher of MG, YA, & NA fantasy/paranormal books

As of 4th January, 2014, we’re open to submissions.

  • Currently, we’re only looking for fantasy and paranormal books for MG, YA, and NA audiences.

To submit to us…

1) Please send us the first three chapters of your manuscript. If we like it, we’ll request the full. If you haven’t finished your book, please send three completed sample chapters, plus an outline of the book. If you see your book being the first in a series then include this in your submission. You can send your sample chapters either as a Word/Pages attachment, or just pasted into the email itself.

2) Along with this, please include a brief summary of your novel, as well as the audience you think your book is targeted at. Please include your word count, too.

3) Include a brief summary of you! For example, is this your first book or do you have a publishing history?

4) That’s it! Send the email to midnightbookspress@gmail.com with ‘Submission’ as the subject.

5) Please allow up to 12 weeks for a response. Sometimes we’ll be much quicker, but either way we will always respond.

Thank you for considering Midnight Books Press, and we wish you all the best for your submission.


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